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Hi everyone, my name is Gab and I'm a mixing engineer:
I take the multitrack you or someone else recorded for you and I mix them into a stereo file.
Easy. As. That.
I do this remotely, from my home studio in South West London, so that it doesn't matter where you or your band are based.
I always thought of myself mainly as a musician
until I started obsessing over certain mixing engineers mentioned in the liner notes of the records I loved and started to make the connection.
Since then I wanted to be one of those guys.
The guy that helped an artist bringing his or her sonic visions
to life.
I learned the basics of mixing and recording in Italy,
with Claudio Rovagna, an engineer who was working for RAI (Italy's national public broadcasting company, the italian BBC) back in the 70's.
In the meantime
I attended masterclasses with some of my favourite engineers: Jim Spencer at Big Mushroom Studio in Manchester and Marco Migliari at Real World to name a few;
I helped out
setting up sessions in various recording studios and started experimenting with recording and mixing butchering many local bands demos and eps.
In 2014 I moved to London where I started jamming and collaborating with a group of artists meeting at Deptford Vinyl Cafe.
Inspired by this scene I started my current music project: The Unfinished Music Research Programme.
I mix mostly in the box and I strongly believe that an efficient and streamlined workflow and set up yields the best results.
I don't want technology to get in the way too much.
I want to be able to work fast and to access all my tools quickly enough to catch ideas and find solutions to improve and enhance
the material I'm working with.
And now confession time:
I am a "bedroom mixer".
 I always found myself more comfortable working from home where I can be relaxed and let ideas flow freely.
It all started in bedroom for me (ain't it true for most of us anyway? ah ah.) with a pair of old Yamaha headphones (my dad's) and a Nikko stereo (also my dad's) with a left-right knob that I loved to turn like crazy discovering mysterious overdubs and tape bleeds in Beatles records and later with two boomboxes trying to multitrack horrible cover versions and even later with my first Tascam 4 tracks.
The room has changed over the years of course.
 I discovered new equipment, I developed new skills but I can guarantee you that the pleasure and marvel of listening to something for the first time​ and the joy of fiddling and playing with those sounds is still the same.
I can't wait to listen to your stuff and start having fun.