A little bit about myself and my story

My name is Gab, I am a musician and a mixing engineer.
I offer an OnlineMixing service which means, I mix remotely, from my home studio in South West London.
I find it exciting and fascinating to be able to bring someone's sonic vision to life through mixing.
I learned the basics of mixing and recording in Italy,
with Claudio Rovagna, a RAI (Italy's national public broadcasting company, the italian BBC) mixing and recording engineer.  
In the meantime, 
I attended masterclasses with some of my favourite engineers: Jim Spencer at Big Mushroom Studio in Manchester and Marco Migliari at Real World Studios to name a few.
I assisted and
set up sessions in various recording studios and started experimenting with recording and mixing my own projects.
In 2014 I moved to London where I started jamming and collaborating with a group of artists meeting at Deptford Vinyl Cafe.
Inspired by this scene I started my current music project: The Unfinished Music Research Programme.
I mix mostly in the box and I strongly believe that an efficient and streamlined workflow and set-up yields the best results.
I don't want technology to get in the way too much.
I want to be able to work fast and to access all my tools quickly enough to catch ideas and find solutions to improve and enhance
the material I'm working with.